Dry Canyon is a new lands mod developed for Fallout:New Vegas by TrickeyVein. The mod is based off the region of the Grand Canyon, located somewhere along the western portion of the Colorado river. To reach Dry Canyon players must reach a cave in the South-facing rock-face located almost directly north from the Devil's Throat.

Since it was published onto Nexus Mods, the creator has allowed anyone to modify assets used and fill the land with life if one wishes to do so.


The new lands mod adds a new worldspace for the Courier to explore in a heavily visual environment, a new player home to be discovered, seamless travel between the Mojave wasteland and the new worldspace, and many new, original assets.


Fallout New Vegas Mods Dry Canyon

Fallout New Vegas Mods Dry Canyon

AlChestBreach, a YouTube gamer, exploring Dry Canyon.